Xgar.io v0.4.1 – Patch Notes

All right, we’ve updated our game to 0.4.1 with a small yet major change!

  • You can no longer one-split in Ultra Merge. This feature is still experimental and we might be improving on it in due time.
  • Notifications have been added for the one-split message, server restart, server connect and...

Xgar.io v0.4 – Patch Notes

Time for a new version update! We’re jumping from 0.3.1 straight to 0.4 due to the changes made in this version.

  • Chests are available for unlock! All the chests you’ve been collecting so far can now be unlocked again, granting you skin fragments and XPoints!
  • Our new XShop is online! Check out...

Xgar.io Hats

Finally we have added hats in xgar.io as you can see on the screenshot. The hats are currently only available for administrators and certain youtuber. We are working on integrating the hats into the shop as soon as possible. We are not yet sure how expensive the hats will be, because they are very...


Dev Tip of the Day – Game Lag

In this video, I explain what kind of lag you might be getting and possible ways of solving it. Enjoy! (Click “more+” to watch)


Xgar.io v0.3 – Patch Notes

Yes, we’ve actually read about the current issues regarding the game, and we’re working hard on fixing them for you. No worries! 😀

  • Players will now remain logged in even after closing the browser. Logging out using the Logout button will clear that.
  • The FFA mode now includes bots! Enjoy!
  • Fixed a...

Tip of the Day: FFA!

Have you already tried our new and improved FFA mode? This classic .io game mode has been known for years, but it really never gets old. At Xgar.io, you can now enjoy that classic feeling with extra functionality and improved graphics!

Try it out today!


XCommunity – Kolibri videos!

I hope you guys are a fan of awesome videos, because Kolibri is planning on releasing a couple of brand new Xgar.io videos with some fantastic gameplay! Check out his latest Xgar.io video and stay tuned for more! 😀


Xgar.io v0.2 – Patch Notes

Hey there! Xgar.io has now reached version 0.2 (BETA). Nothing much has changed, but it’s still worth mentioning:

  • Improved game respawn time, and placement to the next server when the current one is full.
  • Added locked names for YouTubers. More info about this new feature in a later post.
  • Added...

Dev Update – 17-02

Hey there, Xgar.io players!

As explained in an earlier post, development on Xgar.io has been a bit slow. Now that we’re actually back in business, we’re working on the following stuff:

  • Bringing back the loot point system (from here on called XPoints)
  • Releasing a (heavily) improved version of...

Video of the Day – 17-02

Today’s video is brought to you by Prince, who’s made an amazing gameplay video about Xgar.io with some fantastic effects! Click on “more+” to watch it! 😀